Wavelengthincreases frequencyincreases

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Unformatted text preview: e colors fuse together ­ there is gradual transition fro m ­ long wavelength light ­ low frequency light ­ low energy light to to to short wavelength light high frequency light high energy light · Visible Light is only a very narrow portion of the Electromagnetic Spectrum which also contains other types of light radiat ions which are not visible to the human eye. Wavelength increases Frequency increases Energy increases 5 Chemistry 101 Chapter 7 DISPERSION OF LIGHT EMITTED BY HYDROGEN BULB THROUGH A PRISM The Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen NOTE: The Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen is a BRIGHT LINE SPECTRUM The spectrum o f H contains only light of specific wavelengths, frequencies and energies Meaning: ­ the light must have been emitted by H atoms that have been energized ­ the H atoms can only emit specific amounts of light energy ­ it follows that the H atoms can only absorb specific amounts of energy 6 Chemistry 101 Chapter 7 THE RYDBERG EQUATION · The source of lines in the emissio n spectrum of Hydrogen baffled scient ists for many years. · In 1885 Rydberg (a mathemat ician) and Balmer (a physicist) empirically discovered an equat ion which related mathemat ically the wavelengths of the 4 bright lines observed in the emis...
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