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Chapter 1 PowerPoint

Candvirginislands3stateshavenon uaaalaws criticism

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Unformatted text preview: ulation 40 states, D.C. and Virgin Islands; 3 states have non­ UAAA laws. Criticism Motivation behind enforcement – protect student athletes or colleges and universities from NCAA penalties Only applies to student­athletes with remaining eligibility Does not apply to professional athletes, those that don ’t play college sports. Sports Agent Regulation Sports Agent Regulation Sports Agent Responsibility Trust Act (SPARTA) Protects against misleading advertising in recruiting student­athlete Enforced by Federal Trade Commission 2004­2011 no known violations Sports Agent Regulation Sports Agent Regulation Players Associations Certifications NFL Four year degree Two day negotiation seminar and written exam Application, background check, dues Negotiate one contract in each three year period MLB Represent one man on a 40­man roster before certification Minor League – patience Sports Agent Regulation Sports Agent Regulation NBA Four year degree or sufficient negotiating ex...
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