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Certificationorlicense sportsagentfees

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Unformatted text preview: perience Application NHL Application Who should regulate – state law, federal law, players’ associations? Certification or license? Sports Agent Fees Sports Agent Fees Regulated by Players Associations NFL MLB Player­Agent negotiation, but only a percentage over minimum salary NHL Capped at 3% by NFLPA Commissions not capped as long as player earns minimum salary after agent fees are paid. Salary fees v. endorsement fees Salary: 2­4 % commission Endorsement: 10­20 % commission Agent Violations Agent Violations Violations Josh Luchs Criminal Cases Walters and Bloom FSU and Footlocker Tank Black Civil Cases Leigh Steinberg v. David Dunn National Collegiate Athletic National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA Today 1,200 voluntary members Over 400K student athletes 3 divisions (I, II, III) 1,281 member inst...
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