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Ncaadivisions ncaadivisions

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Unformatted text preview: itutions 23 sports 88 national championships 41 mens, 44 womens, 3 coed 49K student athletes who compete yearly 400 full­time employee at national office. NCAA Divisions NCAA Divisions Division I­A (Football Bowl Series) 16 sports Male/mixed v. female Home football games and opponents Neutral site Attendance Requirements 129 schools If don’t have football, not allowed to vote on football related issues 97 Division I school without football Marquette, Xavier, Pepperdine NCAA Divisions NCAA Divisions Division I­AA (Football Championship Subdivision) 14 sports Male/mixed v. female teams 118 schools Division II 5Male/mixed v. 5female teams Financial aid avilable. Division III 5Male/mixed v. 5female teams Athletes receive no financial aid for athletics Mission Mission “To maintain intercollegiate athletics as an...
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