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Suspensionsandfineslegitimatewaytodealwith spectators

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Unformatted text preview: at him Fan arrested; players suspended Crimes Against Persons Crimes Against Persons Football Hackbert – hit player in back of head out of frustration; reckless disregard St. Pius High – razorblades; aggravated assault with deadly weapon Figure Skating Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Thoughts Other than hockey, criminal charges for sport participants during the game are rare. Suspensions and fines legitimate way to deal with Spectators Spectators Attacking Participants Trespassing Monica Seles Disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing; banned Flying into Arena James Miller – boxing, Broncos game, England Dangerous flying; interfering with a sporting event Calvin Klien laws Make trespassing on the playing area of a major sporting event a misdemeanor. Eagles Court Small, in­stadium courtroom Unruly fans taken for quick judgment and sentencing for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, etc. Parents and Youth Sports New Jersey has increased punishment for assaults committed during youth sporting events by parents Involuntary manslaughter at youth hockey match. National Center for Safety Initiatives Spectators Spectators National standards of care and formalized background screening to eradicate harm to children by adults Sports Officials Other Crimes Against Persons Other Crimes Against Persons Hazing Forced initiation 43 states have laws prohibiting Stalking Unwelcome repetitive misconduct including harassing annoying, threatening or potentially deadly behavior. Team suspensions, coaches and administrators resignation Ex. Erin Andrews Extortion Threats of intimidation to coerce...
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