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Unformatted text preview: locks internet casinos from accepting transfer of money NCAA and Sports Wagering NCAA and Sports Wagering Prohibited form sports wagering on both college and professional sports Not just athletes – everyone associated with athletic dept Sanctions Point­shaving – lose all remaining eligibility Wagering – loss eligibility for one year Includes fantasy sports with entry fee and chance to win prize Early Years Point­shaving New York indicted players from 4 schools NCAA and Sports Wagering NCAA and Sports Wagering 2000’s Adrian McPherson pleaded no contest to gambling and theft charges for gambling on college and professional games. U of WA coach fired for participating in office March Madness Pool University of Toledo point­shaving in basketball and football U of FL star Teddy Dupay kicked off team for associating with students who placed bets on games he participated in. Still a problem; challenge for NCAA to Professional Sports Professional Sports Chicago “Black” Sox 1919 – 8 players received lifetime bans for playing poorly to influence outcome Three World Series for payoff from mobster Arnold Rothstein Pete Rose Acquitted but careers were over – Eight Men Out Permanent ineligibility after investigation concluded he had bed on Red games while manager Art Schlichter 4th overall draft pick for Baltimore Colts Gambling Addiction Banned for life for betting on sports Professional Sports Professional Sports Tim Donaghy NBA referee pled guilty to betting on NBA games conspiracy to commit wire fraud and transmitting wagering tips – won about 75% of the time. 15 months in prison Crimes Involving Animals Crimes Involving Animals Cruelty to Animals Dave Winfield arrested and charted with cruelty to animals for killing seagull while throwing ball....
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