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Chapter 4 PowerPoint

Ofstolen goods destructionofproperty

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Unformatted text preview: to do something against will; demand money, services or property using threats to reputation, employment or life. (Ex. Pitino) Crimes Related to Property Crimes Related to Property Sports Memorabilia Fraudulent signatures, goods Counterfeiting Knowingly selling fraudulent merchandise Embezzlement University of Kansas ticket stealing ring Certificates of authenticity, holographic seals, notarized letters, etc Wire fraud, tax obstructions and interstate trans. of stolen goods Destruction of Property Alabama fan Harvey Updyke, Jr. Crimes Affecting the Public Crimes Affecting the Public Ticket Scalping Unauthorized reselling of an event ticket for more money Laws originally enacted for safety, to avoid harassment and public nuisance and tax reasons. Some states have repealed ticket law; others still limit scalpers activities License, fee, tax Limit amount scalper can increase Ceiling on number of tickets No up charge Geographical location Buffer zone outside of the stadium Crimes Affecting the Public Crimes Affecting the Public Sports Bribery Points Shaving Not left to chance and skill; alter outcome of game to profit from betting Fines and imprisonment for conspiracy Sports Gambling Attempts to regulation have been met with simultaneous resistance and success Bradley Act Stop the spread of state­authorized/sponsored gambling to protect the integrity of sporting events Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon exempted NCAA won’t let stated host championships that allow single game Crimes Affecting the Public Crimes Affecting the Public Office Pools Any wager on March Madness likely violated state criminal law. Student athletes lose eligibility and coaches terminated Fantasy Sports If based on chance, not skill, considered gambling FL and LA – wagering on fantasy sports illegal Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act participation in fantasy sports does not constitute gambling B...
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