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Unformatted text preview: non v. Univ. of Chicago (1979) Private right of action available under Title IX Grove City College v. Bell (1984) Title IX didn’t apply to colligate athletic programs Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987 legislatively reversed Franklin v. Gwinnett County Pub. Sch. (1992) Can recover monetary damages for violations and attorney’s fees when intentional gender discrimination or international avoidance of Title IX compliance is proven More than just an injunction Title IX Major Cases Title IX Major Cases Cohen v. Brown Univ. (1996) Most influential Title IX case NCAA v. Smith (1999) Title IX not applicable to NCAA Eliminated 2 women’s, 2 men’s teams Student body – 52% male; Student­athletes – 63% male Failed all three tests No continued expansion Reinstate women’s volleyball and gymnastics program Changed post­graduate rules anyway Pederson v. Louisiana State Univ. (2000) Sufficient interest to add fast pitch softball and soccer teams Title IX Major Cases Title IX Major Cases Jackson v. Birmingham Bd. of Educ. (2005) Communities for Equity v. Mich High Sch Ath Ass (2008) Private right of action for individuals who allege and reveal Title IX violations, even though they are not subject to sexual discrimination themselves Scheduling girls seasons out of traditional seasons Title IX violation – reduced exposure to college recruiters Parker v. Ind High Sch Ath Ass (2010) Scheduled girls bball games on non­preferred date and time Must determine whether disparity in scheduling is substantial enough to deny equality of athletic opportunity Does not prohibit participation in state championship, deprive of role models, inhibit skills or development, or prevent team NCAA and Gender Equality NCAA and G...
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