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Unformatted text preview: ender Equality NCAA Not subject to Title IX but considers gender equality one of its basic purposes Senior Woman Administrator Participates in management of athletic department Scholarships Football – 85 full scholarships No women’s equivalent Most efficient way to fix is eliminate men’s team and add women’s More scholarship equivalencies for women than men to offset Hope that future interpretations exclude football Fair? NCAA and Gender Equality NCAA and Gender Equality Title IX Criticism Illegitimate quota system Cut men’s teams rather than expanding women’s Funded by male programs for very existence Male Practice Players University of Illinois – cutting men’s team acceptable compliance method. Counted as women for Title IX purposes if they receive coaching and practice for women teams. Contact Sports Exception School may discriminate between genders in sports whose purpose of major activity involved bodily NCAA and Gender Equality NCAA and Gender Equality Men Competing on Women’s Teams Title IX meant to help historically underrepresented Men underrepresented in field hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, etc Mass. first state to say that blanket exclusion of males on female high school athletic teams unconstitutional Women Competing on Men’s Teams If no female team exists, must be allowed to try out unless it is a contact sport Contact sports – can be excluded with no justification If allowed to compete, must not be treated different. Mercer v. Duke NCAA and Gender Equality NCAA and Gender Equality Sexual Harassment Unwelcome conduct of sexual nature considered a form of sex discrimination prohibited under Title IX Deliberate Indifference Recipients of false accusations have no recourse under Title IX of Title VII; defamation actual knowledge of discrimination; fails to adequately respond C...
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