Chapter 5 PowerPoint

Chapter 5 PowerPoint

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Unformatted text preview: y Interpretation Intercollegiate Athletics Policy Interpretation Factors to determine Title IX compliance “Laundry List” equipment and supplies scheduling of games and practice times travel and per diem allowances tutoring coaching locker room, practice and competitive facilities medical and training facilities and services housing an dining facilities and services publicity support services recruitment of student athletes Permissible Differences Permissible Differences Equitable Not Equal Money allocated equitably between men’s and women’s programs based on the number of students attending school costs of recruiting, cost for event management, compensation for coaches Key Component Whether institution developed and carried out its mission to expand and accommodate the interest of female student­athletes, coaches and administrators. Title IX Tests Title IX Tests Substantial Proportionality History of Expansion Is an institution providing participation opportunities for women and men that are substantially proportionate to their respective rules of enrollment as full­time undergraduate students Has an institution demonstrated a history and continuing practice of program expansion for the underrepresented sex? Full and Effective Accommodation of Interests Has an institution fully and effectively accommodated the interests and abilities of the Substantial Proportionality Substantial Proportionality Proportionality Test Only Safe Harbor Athletic opportunities for females is proportionate to the number of females enrolled at school. Easiest method to access compliance Perfect ratio is difficult to achieve because football does not have any equivalentsports Criticized as...
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