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Unformatted text preview: Compliance in High School Majority Decisions Sandison v. Michigan High School Athl. Association Did not meet the age requirement because birth date, not because of learning disability McPherson v. Michigan High School Athl. Association Diagnosed ADHD at beginning of 9th semester Age rule “essential to preserving the philosophy that students attend school primarily for the classroom education…” Pottgen v. Missouri State High Sch. Activities Assn. Held back two years in elementary Waiver would constitute a fundamental alteration in the nature of the baseball program. Did not violation ADA or RA Compliance in High School Compliance in High School Minority Decisions Individual Analysis necessary, including size, ability and resulting competitive advantage Dennis v. Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Association, Inc. Down Syndrome – additional year in middle school Swim team participation specified on IEP Entitled to waiver under age rule; would not fundamentally alter the athletic program or impose an undue hardship Johnson v. F...
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