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Unformatted text preview: uld compete, but not earn points for her team. Only 3 wheelers in state – did not award points to ensure competitive fairness and equity in team scoring, didn’t award points for wheelchair race events. Denied “full and meaningful” participation? New team event – wouldn’t award points until at least 40% of the jurisdictions participate; NOT discriminatory NCAA Compliance NCAA Compliance Physical Disabilities Knapp v. Northwestern University Not allowed to play on basketball team after suffered sudden cardiac death during pick­up game Still honored scholarship Did not violated RA Playing college basketball is not a major life activity NCAA Compliance NCAA Compliance Learning Disabilities Cureton v. NCAA Initial eligibility requirements too rigid for person with learning disabilities Disparate impact against non­whites Title VII not applicable to NCAA because don’t exercise controlling authority over member institutions’ ultimate decisions about eligibility Unrelated case – has to be intentional discrimination Cureton II amended claim to...
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