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Unformatted text preview: lorida High School Activities Association Loss of hearing – delayed enrollment kindergarten; repeat 1 st grade. Participation did not raise safety concerns Average ability level with no more experience than other players Compliance in High School Compliance in High School Sisson v. Virginia High School League One day too old – repeated 3rd grade at pvt. school Waiver will not be considered if the student repeats a grade after making satisfactory grades for promotion to the next level No constitutionally protected interest in participating in interscholastic athletics. Not required to repeat 3rd grade; parents elected for him to do so to improve his changes of academic success Allowed to participate for 3 years; still maintains association with team No irreparable harm if not allowed to participate. Compliance in High School Compliance in High School No Pass, No Play Rules Excluded from participation if students fail to earn passing marks/minim number of credits during preceding marking period. Physical Disabilities McFadden v. Grasmick et al. Track & Field Wheeler – co...
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