The japanese car maker honda has introduced a new car

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Unformatted text preview: he Japanese Car maker, Honda, has introduced a new car called Honda Civic GX as a green car. The car has won the title of greenest car of 2011 from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Though Ford has also taken initiative of producing environmental friendly cars with the production of Ford Fiesta SFE (ranked at # 7 in the ACEE list), it is desirable that the company should introduce more eco-friendly cars in order to gain competitive advantage in this front as well. 4. MARKETING Today it is an era of marketing. Only those who market them-self well are likely to succeed in this competitive market. Ford has won the marketer of the year award by highlighting the features of the product instead of the tech gadgets installed in it. The Ford¶s products are better than before with the newly devised strategies and promoted and marketed well by Mr. Farley, VP global marketing and sales. The sales are up 17% double the industry wide gain of 8.4%. I suggest that the company should continue with the current marketing strategies and the other promotional channels it is already into. They should also engage into aggressive marketing and promotional activities to attract the customers about the newly introduced products. Savvy marketing and re-defined focus can be a good sign for this iconic company. The company should link up with the TV sponsorships and engage in the public relations activities to attract the general public about how concerned the company is towards the social issues. 5. PRICE The Ford¶s small world cars are intended to sell in the developing markets and the other markets around the globe. These markets are highly price sensitive. The customers want excellent features, quality performance in the affordable prices which is why there are various regional competitors in these markets to compete with the Ford with their products priced low. I suggest Ford motors to produce the cars which are better not only in the domains of features, performance, and fuel efficiency but also in the pricing of the car. The small cars concept can achieve its goals only if the cars are priced low with all the existing features of their products. ALAN MULALLY AND CULTURE AT FORD It¶s been four years of Alan¶s tenure at Ford as a CEO; he has so far proved to be the right choice, by Bill Ford, needed by the company from years. At the time of his appointment, the company had a bureaucratic culture. The reaction of executives at Ford is quite imaginable at Mr. Mulally¶s arrival. But his confidence, disciple and uncontrollable desire to win took over the reactions of the executives. He reduced Fords dependence on trucks due to the increased gas prices and he let this slip to entire organization to know this. His strategy to reduce power distance in the organization by inculcating the openness within the organization has won the support of all the executives and other team throughout the organization. He likes to communicate and understand the issues of his people rather than being understoo...
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