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These platforms serve as c car segment and gain

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Unformatted text preview: rs. These platforms serve as C-car segment and gain annual sales of about 2 million vehicles through various models in different markets. Focus aims to serve all the markets ranging from Shanghai to Seattle. Ford expects to sell around two million vehicles a year within coming years through new C-car platform and to save costs by avoiding multiple platforms. Market analysts have termed the project Focus as an important step for the company. With the development of Focus and other passenger cars to come, the company believes it can compete with Toyota, Honda and other market leaders. The competition will be head-tohead and the analysts are afraid that won¶t be easy. The Japanese car makers are dominant car makers of small-car segments in the United States and other markets. Likewise, their customers have proved to be very loyal with their brands. Moreover, General Motors is, now improving and is out of bankruptcy with well financing from the government, working on the base work for the production strategies of its own products. Finally, Ford has yet to re-formulate its pricing strategy for its smart cars and to prove it can earn healthy profits on the sale of these cars. RECOMMENDATIONS Ford motor is the only one in the US auto motor industry who tried to sustain its leadership and its market position with effective strategies to match the market requirements and needs. It updated its products with latest technology gadgets and equipped its products with the latest ones. After conducting the in depth analysis of the company¶s success factors, revamped processes and other operational strategies as well as the study of case study, I came to the following recommendations for the Ford Motors that can help the company to leverage its market position and sustain profitability: 1. RESEARCH Before designing a new model, the Ford motors should conduct a market research and survey to understand the customer preferences. Since the company is still under huge debts and has to come up again it has to keep an eye on the market trends and needs because one wrong step can lead it to the deepest pit which the company is scared of. Instead of changing the models each year, they should bring out the quality and performance in the existing projects by improving the production operations of the company. The company should focus more on the designs of its products and come up with more diverse and efficient models. 2. INNOVATION Japanese car makers are already providing small cars and catering to the needs of the people in the segment. Fords main competitors in this market are Toyota, Honda and others. Who are offering products that are priced low, carrying nice features and their performance is not under rated in anyway. The C-car platforms at Ford require engineering the products that are innovative to gain the attraction of large number of potential buyers. 3. GREEN VEHICLES Due to the increased emphasis by the government of US and other countries on the production of eco-friendly cars and other vehicles, it has become extremely very important for every car maker to introduce the cars which are more fuel efficient and emit less smoke without causing harm to the environment. T...
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