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Acids 106 107 108 steroids steroids 109 110 proteins

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Unformatted text preview: ontraction transport 112 Amino Amino Acids Amino group - NH2 Carboxyl group - COOH R group 113 114 115 116 Levels of Protein Structure Quaternary Tertiary Tertiary Secondary Primary 117 Primary Primary Structure 118 Secondary Secondary Structure 119 Tertiary Tertiary Structure 120 Quaternary Quaternary Structure 121 122 Denaturation Denaturation 123 Enzymes Enzymes = Catalysts 124 Enzyme-substrate Complex Substrates Active site Enzyme 125 How How do Enzymes Increase Reaction Rate? Increase Lower Properly Lower Properly collision activation orient frequency energy molecules 126 127 Nucleic Acids C, H, O, N, P Nucleotides DNA RNA Regulates cell activities Guides protein synthesis 128 Nucleotides Nucleotides Nitrogenous Base Pentose Sugar Phosphate Group 129 130 131 RNA RNA Single stranded Ribose = sugar Uracil = base 132 3 Types of RNA Types mRNA rRNA tRNA 133 Adenosine Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Primary source source of chemical potential energy Powers muscle contraction, contraction, chemical transport, organelle movement Adenine, Adenine, ribose, and 3 phosphate groups 134 135 136 Reacts with H2O P P P Adenosine ATP Pi P P Adenosine Energy Energy ADP 137 ATP ATP Cycle ATP + H2O ATP hydrolysis ATP synthesis ADP + P i 138 “Tikar Lady with Goitre” by Flickr user superdove “March 28: Opening Day of Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster” by Flickr user Coney Island Cyclone “WATER MOLECULE” by Flickr user glcannon http://upload.wikimedi a.org/wikipedia/comm ons/0/0a/Thyroid_scint igraphy.jpg “Keys” by Flickr user quinn.anya “Dehydrated” by Flickr user Lokacid “Chocoholics come here!” by Flickr user emmy p “09.19.2007 Macro Set 025.jpg” by Flickr user zebtron “Dissolve” by Flickr user Robert V. “Chocolate Café in Lititz, Pennsylvania” by Flickr user Dr Phill “Lego Color Bricks” by Flickr user 713 Avenue “Injection Pt. 2” by Flickr user 96dpi Google LIFE Photo Archive, Arthur Cofod, 6 May 1937, http://images.google.c om/hosted/life ...
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