7 weaknesses the weaknesses or challenges associated

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Unformatted text preview: ed, positive and coordinated approach to community consultation. 7. Weaknesses The weaknesses or challenges associated with this approach include: • The long term commitment required • The high level of commitment required by both stakeholders and agencies • That the process may unearth controversial and difficult issues • The potential for disempowerment of participants at subsequent decision-making stages • The requirement for trained and professional staff to develop quality research tools and collect good quality data. This may be overcome by modifying and simplifying the process to allow smaller groups to survey stakeholders in relation to a specific issue. Modifications could also include using phone interviews rather than the more labour-intensive face-to-face interviewing techniques. 8. References Jennings, S. F. & Lockie S. 2002, Application of stakeholder analysis and social mapping for coastal zone management in Australia, invited paper and paper publication, Sixth International Conference Littoral 2002 – The Changing Coast, Porto, Portugal, 22-26 September 2002 Jennings, S. F. & Lockie, S. 2002, Democratisation and capacity building in coastal zone decision-making in Australia: The application of stakeholder analysis and social mapping, invited paper and paper publication, Coastal Zone Asia Pacific Conference, Bangkok, Thailand 12-16 May 2002...
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