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Ethics and maintaining the trust of interviewees

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Unformatted text preview: ple, local government. Ethics and maintaining the trust of interviewees require that specific information is not shared unless the interviewees have agreed to this. When the interviews were being conducted, documents relevant to the social mapping exercise were also collected including catchment management plans, local government plans, and industry bodies’ strategic plans. Analysis of this data provided additional information such as industry organisation’s objectives and prior studies that had alerted government agencies to potential hazards. Transcribing interviews is labour intensive, and needs to be entered into a standardised framework to make it accessible and to enable analysis. Once the interviews and document analysis was complete, this data was brought together in a social mapping exercise that identified stakeholder attitudes and aspirations. This emerging picture of interest groups and their attitudes within the catchment region were then presented back to the groups who had taken part. This allowed them to identify similarities and differences, and to form strategic alliances or to begin ne...
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