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Unformatted text preview: gotiation in conflict areas. For example, in Port Curtis, researchers observed changes in the approach to negotiation adopted between professional and recreational fishers. Negotiating in a structured manner allowed them to develop an alliance. During this process of identifying and considering issues, asking questions and seeking knowledge, the stakeholders’ understandings change, and along with that change, their own aspirations for their future and the future of the area may also change. At this stage, the cyclic nature of the process can be observed. After the first process of interviewing, feedback and discussion, the whole process of consultation and feedback begins again, with the fresh findings collected, analysed and presented again. The process is based on an understanding that social relationships are likely to shift constantly and when researchers ask questions and report back to the people they’ve interviewed, that is going to change people’s understanding and attitudes. This process acknowledges this intervention and change openly and provides a solid basis for negotiation betwe...
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