Surveys and one to one questionnaires interviews and

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Unformatted text preview: the following loop: 1. Surveys and one-to-one questionnaires Interviews and surveys were used to identify interest groups and to establish their aspirations, values and relationships with other groups. 2. Social maps These initial surveys and questionnaires helped the researchers to develop social maps that showed the links, commonalities and differences within and among the groups. 3. Feedback at public meetings The social maps were discussed with the interviewees, and further data collected. The process can be an ongoing one, to map the changes in attitudes and aspirations that occur for identified stakeholders. 4. Details of Stakeholder Analysis The case study in central Queensland engaged many hundreds of people within the whole Fitzroy and Port Curtis catchment. Community groups could do this on a small scale in relation to a specific issue, for example an environmental impact study (EIS). The research was undertaken across the central Queensland coastal region. It has been applied where there are many and diffuse activities with diverse...
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