This stakeholder analysis approach offers a chance to

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Unformatted text preview: information. This stakeholder analysis approach offers a chance to give a voice to groups that are often disempowered or overlooked in less-discerning processes of community consultation. The stakeholder analysis process provides options to all stakeholders to know what’s going on and to make some of their own decisions, and offers benefits to Government, industry and community groups by establishing links between groups, developing a basis for negotiation in conflict situations, and engaging stakeholders whose input might otherwise be lost. Key issues for the researchers were that: • Coastal zone management is contingent on stakeholder conflict management • Stakeholder analysis and mapping of stakeholder attitudes paves the way for conflict resolution, and • Issues should be drawn from the stakeholders through extensive consultation. For smaller groups, the stakeholder analysis process could be adapted to suit the size of available resources and purposes, but the cyclic process would need to include...
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