Those surveyed were the people of the port curtis and

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Unformatted text preview: . Those surveyed were the people of the Port Curtis and the Fitzroy River catchment areas including Indigenous peoples, commercial and recreational fishers, industry, governments and private citizens. The researchers’ goals were to: • Identify the best ways to involve people and providing disempowered groups with opportunities to be informed and participate in regional decision-making. • Develop an objective view of the social context to provide a better basis for negotiation between the groups; • Identify stakeholders affected by issues and projects, and their interests and aspirations. 3. Why were these tools used? This approach used a combination of traditional tools, such as interviews and surveys, and innovative use of more sophisticated tools, such as social mapping. Some of the techniques used in the stakeholder analysis require professional expertise, however, groups that lack these skills could either hire or seek a volunteer with appropriate experience, or modify the process of collating and communicating...
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