Deferred Constraints

The values should be unique note remember that we

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Unformatted text preview: ry key constraint violation. The values should be unique. NOTE: remember that we already have value 1234 in the table because of the previous insert statements. ________________________________________________________________________ PART 2: _____________________________________________________________________ 1. List the student ID and course number for every student who took a course in Fall 10 but has not received a grade yet. select s.sid, c.course_no from course_taken ct where ct.term like '%Fall 10%' and ct.grade is null; ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. List the SIDs names and GPAs of the students whose GPAs are greater than 3.7. List them in the descending order of the GPAs. select s.SID,, avg(grade) as GPA from course_taken ct join student s on ct.sid = s.sid group by s.sid, having avg(grade) > 3.7 order by avg(grade) desc; __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. List the SIDs and names of all students and the number of courses they have taken. select s.sid,, count(distinct course_no) as num_courses from student s, course_taken ct where s.sid = ct.sid group by s.sid,; Page 2 of 4 __________________________________________________________________________________ 4. List the SIDs and names of the students who have not taken the...
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