4 use constitutive relationships to calculate the

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Unformatted text preview: f loading. 4. Use constitutive relationships to calculate the plastic response of metals based on their microstructure 5. Estimate the fracture strength of engineering materials subjected to monotonic and cyclic loads. 6. Predict the response of engineering materials subjected to a known stress at elevated temperature. 7. Identify engineering materials as electrical conductors, semi-conductors or insulators based on atomic structure. ES 1021a GENERAL LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Course Outline – 2012-13 2. Knowledge Base X Individual Work Problem Analysis X Team Work Economics and Project Managemen t Investigation Communication Life-Long Learning Design Professionalism Engineering Tools X X Ethics and Equity Impact on Society CONTACT HOURS: 3 lecture hours, 2 tutorial hours, half course TEXT: “Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design” 2nd edition M. Ashby...
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