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Unformatted text preview: de will be dropped). Quizzes will make up 20% of your total grade. 2. Exams There will be two exams in this class – a midterm and a final. Generally speaking, the midterm exam will cover the material learned in the first half of the course, and the final exam will cover the material from the second half of the course. Exams will include short answer and essay questions. Each exam will make up 20% of your total grade. 3. Papers There will be three short papers in this class. Due dates are listed in the course schedule – detailed assignments are posted on the CANVAS course website. Each paper is worth 10% of your grade. 4. Survey Service Learning Project Students in this class will participate in a hands‐on telephone survey service learning project: Students will spend a total of 4 hours in the Survey & Policy Research Institute (SPRI) lab on campus, conducting a telephone survey of Silicon Valley residents. Evening and weekend shifts will be available in late October (exact dates will be announced in class and posted on CANVAS), and students will sign up for their choice of dates and times to complete this project. One regular class session is cancelled to compensate for this out‐of‐class required time. Students will then write a short paper reflecting on their experience working on the survey project (Paper 2). THE SURVEY PROJECT IS A REQUIRED CLASS ACTIVITY – IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SPEAK TO PROF. JACKSON AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ABOUT ANY SCHEDULING DIFFICULTIES. Survey project participation and the survey reflection paper are each worth 5% of your grade (10% total). 5. Participation Class participation – meaning coming to class and engaging in class discussion and activities – will also count for 10% of your total grade. So that you have plenty of opportunities to participate, expect to be “mobilized” (i.e., called on by name) in c...
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