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Unformatted text preview: nvoters? 1. California Voter Foundation’s California Participation Survey Report (2005), pp. 1‐48. 2. Baldassare, Bonner, Petek & Shrestha (2012) “California CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Voter and Party Profiles,” PPIC Report POLS108 Political Participation Fall 2013 Page 9 of 13 DATE W Sept 4 continued WEEK 4 M Sept 9 W Sept 11 WEEK 5 M Sept 16 W Sept 18 WEEK 6 M Sept 23 W Sept 25 POLS108 COURSE SCHEDULE – FALL 2013 Subject to change with fair notice (announced in class or by announcement on CANVAS) TOPIC ASSIGNMENT 3. Baldassare (2012) “Improving California’s Democracy,” PPIC Report 4. McGhee and Krimm (2012) “California’s New Electoral Reforms: The Fall Election” PPIC Report QUIZ 2 IN CLASS Who participates? READ Verba, Schlozman & Brady, Voice and Equality, Chs. 2‐3 POSTED ON CANVAS Evaluating Participatory Representation READ Verba, Schlozman & Brady, Voice and Equality, Chs. 7‐8 POSTED ON CANVAS QUIZ 3 IN CLASS What if Everyone Voted? Paper 1 – DUE ONLINE BEFORE CLASS Come to class prepared to discuss your paper GOTV: Getting Out the Vote READ Green & Gerber – Ch’s 1‐4 GOTV: The Tools READ Green...
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