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Memory recovery of funtionmempry amplifying neuronal

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Unformatted text preview: e.g., heart, liver – chemical: predominant in the brain, capable of • excitatory actions, in the post synaptic neiron • inhibitory actions, • changes in effectiveness (plasticity! memory!) recovery of funtion(mempry) • amplifying neuronal signals. 29 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 what inhibiton can di for you----and it is very common can help supressing irrelevant info or ic=t can help discern between noise and stilumulus nd it can help rpevent damage exititory synapses aremost abundant on dendrites Signal Output II inhibitiory are one the cell body or even the initial segamant of the axon o where the stimulis is elicited • Types of synapses: – axodendritic s.: excitatory (‘type I’) – axosomatic s.: often inhibitory (‘type II’) connection betweeen axon and dentrite – axoaxonic s.: often modulatory; control the amount of transmitter axo release. 30 sensory neurons-- where inhibitory shit happens in the pre synaptic axon makes contact with soma axonic ar enot sown but axon to axon contact---they are modulatory. KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 4 KNES 462 the synaps contain vesicles---filled with neurotransmitters… Signal Output III vesicle protect the neurotransitter form being affected by enzymes • Packets of chemical transmitter are released when the action potential reaches the terminal region of the neuron. – transmitter packaged in vesicles, – loaded into active zones of presynaptic terminals, – released into synaptic cleft via exocytosis. 31 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 pre get signnalf from neihbor neruons in its dentrites--causes change in membrane potetnial- the synapitic potetnial chnges---if there is enough stimulus therer is shit releases in to the synapse---then the post is either inhibited or excited--and tgat is determined by the reaction of the post synaptic neuron. Signal Output IV Synapses made visible 32 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 Electron Micrograph of Synapse 35 5...
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