10 50 times more glial cells than neurons in the cns

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Unformatted text preview: rine cell---makes c ontractions of muscles and shit 9 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 3 KNES 462 glia--greek means glue Glial Cells 50x the amount of glial cells as compared to other shit. • 10-50 times more glial cells than neurons in the CNS. Known functions: – – – – – – – structural support (‘scaffolding’ during development) Insulation (oligodendrocytes & Schwann cells form myelin sheath) scavenging (microglial cells) transmitter buffering Guiding neuron migration during development Contribute to the ‘blood-brain barrier’ nutritive function remove debris after injury or deatho f nueron -direct the out flow od dentrites oone of the obsticles that id hard to efficiently medicate the brain 10 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 shwa...
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