8 knes 462 fk 08 types of neurons ii projection

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Unformatted text preview: ‘processes’: dendrite, axon • multipolar neurons: – have many dendrites, and an axon; most common type of neuron in the mammalian nervous system; very diverse. 8 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 Types of Neurons II projection nueros---travel a long way=== they send out branches or collaterals so they may send action s to may parts of the nervous syste, • multipolar neurons: – projection neurons • long distance – interneurons internwuron --is intecolatted between two ther nuronn---the term is used to decribes short axon nuerons that dont leave a certain area----the cerebral cortex is full as fuck of these • short distance – (neuroendocrine neurons) neuroendoc...
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