About one cell body cell body 80 m trigger zone axon

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Unformatted text preview: c neruron is all relative Neurons: Structure and function II • Dendrites: 7-18 first order, each giving rise to ~10 terminal branches; • Dendritic tree Ø diameter in the spine up to 2-3mm; • Axon hillock + initial segment of axon extend about one cell body Ø • Cell body Ø ~80 µm – trigger zone • Axon Ø ~ 20 µm • Synaptic contact with other cells, or with a muscle 13 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 The Motoneuron – some data Fiber type Diameter Transduction speed Function 10-20 µm 60-120 m/s Innervate the extrafusal muscle fibers muscle contraction 4-8 µm Innervate muscle spindles (intrafusal muscle fibers) 30-50 m/s 14 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 Keywords • • • • Central / peripheral nervous system What’s part of ‘motor systems’? Efferent vs. afferent information flow Neurons vs. Glia • Neuron structure and associated functions 15 5 KNES 462 Coming up… Electrical properties of neurons 16 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 6...
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