Making the conduction faster spinal cord nerve roots

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Unformatted text preview: n cell---forms the myalin sheet around the axon. schwan cells are present only in the periphrial nervous system and Myelin sheath the resuslt of the myalin sheet is that the resistance of the axon is greatly reduced. making the conduction faster. • Spinal cord nerve roots with myelin sheath 11 KNES 462 ©FK ‘08 Neurons: Structure and function I Component Input Integration Conductile Output 12 Signaling dendirtes---+ or minuses Excitatory/inhibitory input • electrical, ‘graded’ Integration signal • exceeding threshold? the axon hillock---sums up the plus and minuses cause a graded change in of the sig a decision is made if the sum of the all excitetnts is enought to pass the threshold Action potential (AP) • electrical, ‘all or nothing’ all or nothing elictrocal firing Secretory signal • chemical, inducing electrical changes in the next cell KNES 462 at the sysnapses --chemical substances are released here chaniging the mechanical properties of the cells membrane ©FK ‘08 chemoelectrical plant --our nervous system is 4 KNES 462 pre and post syanpsti...
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