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The Nurse as Communicator, Teacher, Counselor & Leader

534 befamiliarwithanastandardsof nursingpractice

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Unformatted text preview: rgy, social worker, psychologist, physical therapy, home health, occupational therapy, support groups, community resources, etc. Identify barriers that prevent follow­up with the referral Types of Counseling Types of Counseling Short Term­ Long Term­ Motivational­ The Nurse as a Leader The Nurse as a Leader Nurse as a Leader Nurse as a Leader Leader defined­ ability to direct or motivate an individual or group to achieve set goals (p. 534). Be familiar with ANA Standards of Nursing Practice Leadership Skills Leadership Skills Communication­ Problem­Solving­ Management Skills­ Self­ evaluation­ Planned Change Planned Change Often, people are resistant to change Threat to Self Lack of understanding Limited tolerance for change Disagreements about the benefits of change Overcoming Resistance Overcoming Resistance Thoroughly explain the proposed change Discuss the benefits of change Provide open communication and allow feedback­ involve all members Introduce change gradually Provide incentives for change Delegation Review Delegation Review The RN is the supervisor of care What should/not b...
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