The Nurse as Communicator, Teacher, Counselor & Leader

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Unformatted text preview: rriers to Patient Teaching­Learning Physiological Factors Psychological Factors Cultural Environmental Socioeconomic The Teaching Plan The Teaching Plan An organized, very specific, individualized presentation of what the nurse should be teaching and what the client should be learning. Assessment Phase Assessment Phase Assessment: Knowledge deficit Readiness to learn Ability to learn Learning Strength Any Barriers to Learning Formulating the Formulating the Nursing Diagnosis Diagnose the Deficit! Actual or Potential Problem Holistic in Nature Prioritize (physical needs first) Must be NANDA approved Planning Phase Planning Phase Planning for Patient­Teaching What does the patient expected to and desire to accomplish? Goals should be specific and include expected/desired patient outcomes Can be short or long­term goals Decide who will be included in the learning process Implementation of Plan Implementation of Plan Pts are more likely to implement a plan that they understand! Teaching Strategies Discussions Role­play Demonstration Videos/DVD Teaching Strategies Con’d Teaching Strategies Con’d Recall Contracts Handouts/Booklets Posters Diagrams Lecture Document the implementation and pt. response Evaluation of Evaluation of Teaching­Learning Plan Were goals met? Partially met? Did knowledge gained result in behavior change? Evaluation Methods­ discussion, exams, return demo, recall, asking pt. questions, pre and post tests, etc. Revise the plan and start the process over! The Nurse as Counselor The Nurse as Counselor Patient Counseling Patient Counseling Counseling aids pts to make better decisions to promote overall well­ being. Include family members in sessions May be done simultaneously with pt teaching Referrals or Consults to Spets Patient Referrals Patient Referrals When is it done? Examples­ financial counselors, cle...
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