The Nurse as Communicator, Teacher, Counselor & Leader

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Unformatted text preview: t your pt. prior to entering the pt’s room Be Flexible Tell the Truth Sit at eye level while talking with pts Maintain eye contact and really listen Therapeutic Therapeutic Communication Skills Use Silence When Appropriate Utilize Therapeutic Touch Avoid Stereotypes­ each patient is different Stay on one subject at a time Be aware of your own body language Be professional in appearance, dress and demeanor It’s ok to laugh/cry with your patients Interviewing Patients Interviewing Patients Purpose of Patient Interviews Excellent time to build a rapport Introduce self including title (SN) and explain the purpose of the interview­ “this will be confidential” Interviewing Techniques Interviewing Techniques Open­ended questions Closed questions Validating/Clarifying questions Reflective questions Sequencing question Directing question The Nurse as Teacher The Nurse as Teacher Purpose and Benefits of Purpose and Benefits of Patient Teaching Patient Education is Essential in Maintaining and Improving Health! Nurses as Teachers: Promote Wellness Disease Prevention/Early Detection Restore Health Facilitate Coping with illness/diseases Nursing Diagnosis: Knowledge Deficit What is the Teaching­ What is the Teaching­ Learning Process? Teaching is the process of using different methods to help someone learn. A Nurse must possess excellent communication skills to be a successful “Facilitator of Knowledge”. The teaching learning process models the nursing process. Provides pt teaching and measures pt learning. What is Learning? What is Learning? How is it done? Definition: The Domains of Learning Learning is done in 3 Domains: Cognitive­ Affective­ Psychomotor­ Factors Influencing Factors Influencing Patient Teaching­Learning Patient Characteristics Literacy Levels Knowledge/Developmental Level Learning Style Support Network (or lack thereof) Cultural Influences Factors that Promote Patient Factors that Promote Patient Teaching­Learning Motivation Readiness Active Involvement Feedback Using simple words (basics) Repetition Timing Environment Common Barriers to Common Ba...
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