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If it has less electrons in the molecule then it has

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Unformatted text preview: ). 7. Use the concept of formal charge to assess the plausibility of the Lewis structure. Formal Charge Formal Charge: An atom in a molecule owns its lone pairs completely, but has an equal share in bonding electron pairs. If this results in an atom having more electrons in the molecule than as a free, neutral atom, we say that the atom has a negative formal charge in the Lewis structure. If it has less electrons in the molecule, then it has a positive formal charge. FC = number of valence electrons of free atom − number of lonepair electrons − 1 number of shared electrons 2 The sum of formal charges must equal zero for a neutral molecule and must equal the charge for ions. GChem I 9.10 Lewis structures with the lowest formal charges are most plausible. Exercise: Write the Lewis structure for CF2 Cl2 (Freon-12) A = number of available valence electrons A = 4 + 2 × 7 + 2 × 7 = 32 N = number valence electrons needed for octets N = 5 × 8 = 40 S = N − A = number of shared electrons S...
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