7 je flaherty pj paslow ms shephard and jd vasilakis

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Unformatted text preview: ress problems. Journal of the Institute of Civil Engineers, 21:59{82, 1943. 12] J.C. Strikwerda. Finite Di erence Schemes and Partial Di erential Equations. Chapman and Hall, Paci c Grove, 1989. 13] M.J. Turner, R.W. Clough, H.C. Martin, and L.J. Topp. Sti ness and de ection analysis of complex structures. Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences, 23:805{824, 1956. 14] R. Verfurth. A Review of Posteriori Error Estimation and Adaptive MeshRe nement Techniques. Teubner-Wiley, Stuttgart, 1996....
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