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4 mw beall and ms shephard a general topology based

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Unformatted text preview: ctures and dynamic load balancing for adaptive nite element computation. Applied Numerical Mathematics, 26:241{265, 1998. 41 42 Mesh Generation and Assembly 9] J.E. Flaherty, P.J. Paslow, M.S. Shephard, and J.D. Vasilakis, editors. Adaptive methods for Partial Di erential Equations, Philadelphia, 1989. SIAM. 10] R. Lohner. Finite element methods in CFD: Grid generation, adaptivity and parallelization. In H. Deconinck and T. Barth, editors, Unstructured Grid Methods for Advection Dominated Flows, number AGARD Report AGARD-R-787, Neuilly sur Seine, 1992. Chapter 8. 11] R. Verfurth. A Review of Posteriori Error Estimation and Adaptive MeshRe nement Techniques. Teubner-Wiley, Stuttgart, 1996....
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