Family and Child Welfare Services

Childwelfareservicearethere toprovideservicesforthe

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Unformatted text preview: ld. The consequences of child abuse is the possibility of the child dying or being severely hurt. Parents that neglect and abuse their child fail to realize that they are putting a negative effect on the child, such as hurt, suffering, and traumatizing, which can leave the child emotionally scarred. Child Welfare Services Child Child Welfare service consist of ways to promote the physical, mental, and social being of children and youth. Child Welfare services are directed toward the goal of keeping families together. They prevent interaction so that children will not have to be removed from their homes. Child welfare service are there to provide services for the parent and the children, to help strengthen many situations. Child Welfare Services Child In 1990, the Program Aid to Families with Dependent Children provide aid to children and their parents so that the children can stay home with their own parents. The Child Welfare Act of 1980 which mandates states, which receive federal funding for their child wel...
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