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Unformatted text preview: ice; the law enforcement officers and the court is more concerned with finding the criminal. Family Disorganization Family Family Disorganization is the result of unoccupied statuses or inadequately performed roles within a family. The escalating family disorganization as reflected in an increasing divorce rate, non­marital cohabitation, single­headed households, increasing family violence and a decrease in family size has lead to a great deal of concern regarding the family as an institution. Family Disorganization Family Many children live in homes with only one parent. Divorce cases usually award joint custody by both parents. Children who parents are divorce is more likely to blame themselves for the divorce. The child behavior tends to be a problem. Child Abuse and Neglect Child Family problems within the home are more likely to results in child abuse and neglect in the homes. Child abuse and neglect is a social problem. Child abuse can be physical, mental, sexually abuse, and neglect treatment, which has a profound affect on the chi...
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