Family and Child Welfare Services

Kinds of agencies kinds

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Unformatted text preview: tanding among all family members can help prevent family and individual crisis. Some of the service includes: pre­ martial counseling, martial therapy, divorce counseling, family therapy, marriage counseling, and one on one counseling. Kinds of Agencies Kinds Professionals using the titles of counselors, psychiatrist, psychologist, family therapist, clergy, and social workers have a history of working with couples and the family system. Programs training professionals to work with couples and families have been house in schools of education, home economic departments, schools of social work, psychology department, medicine, sociology, and freestanding institutes. The International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors was formed to enhance marriage and the family by conducting and fostering programs of education in the field of marriage and family counseling. The IAMFC is the fastest growing association in the behavioral sciences. The headquarters was established at the University of Colorado at Denver. Battered Women...
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