Family and Child Welfare Services

Sincecolonialtimestheus hadheldthatchildrenhavea

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Unformatted text preview: tes escalated from 17,00 in 1937 to approximately 169,00 in 1971. Today about one million children live in adoptive homes within the US. Children are places in adoptive homes by one of two methods: either by social agencies licensed to place children or by interested, independent parties. Range of services needed to sustain adoptive families include preventive, supportive, and therapeutic services. Also, preventive service such as education is helpful in learning strategies. Protective Services Protective Protective service are aimed at preventing abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children. They are aim to preserve the family unit by assisting parents to develop the capacity for rearing children. It focus on the family where unsolved problems have led to neglect and or abuse and have become a hazard to the physical and emotional well being of children. Since colonial times, the US had held that children have a right to be cared for if not by their parents then by the community. All child protective service activities begin with the first phone call either from s...
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