Family and Child Welfare Services

Family and Child Welfare Services

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Unformatted text preview: omeone who volunteers to take the time to express concern for a child’s well being and safety or form a person obligated to report incidences of neglect and abuses of children Foster Care of Children Foster Foster Care is a residential arrangement for children outside of their home. These children are taking out of families who are unable and unwilling to take care of them. Foster care can be a short duration, ending with adoption or going back to the natural parents. A child can be in foster care until he or she is financially independent. The goal is to keep children functioning well in community settings. Foster Care for Children Foster Foster care involves changes in a child’s life. Children that is in foster care has risen since the 1980’s. The number of children in foster care was 520,000, and has doubled since then. In 1997, congress passed an adoption and safe families act. This act amended the foster care provisions of the Social Security Act, whic...
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