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Family and Child Welfare Services

The bondbetterbeingwithaless group adoption services

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Unformatted text preview: fare programs to provide services to prevent the foster, care placement of children The duration for these services is six to nine months, to address whatever childcare or other parental functioning deficiencies or practices. Home Care of Children Home Children are best nurtured in the care of loving parents that can offer food, shelter, clothing, and also health care. Things that impact the growing of a child consist of babysitters, day care center, the playground, and health care provisions. A trained caregiver in the caregiver’s home supervises the children. Child care is better for three reasons: 1) warm home setting; 2) less chaos; and 3) one primary caregiver. Children are more comfortable at home, than a classroom. The bond better being with a less group. Adoption Services Adoption Adoption is the process taking into ones family through legal means or for those children whose parents are unable to provide for there care. The concepts of adoption were not legally recognized in the United States until 1851, in Massachusetts. Adoption Services Adoption The number of children places for adoption in the United Sta...
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