Family and Child Welfare Services


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Unformatted text preview: . Marriage and Family Counseling Marriage Problems confronting couple and the family systems are perplexing. Today the divorce rate is 50 percent, 1.1 million children are involved in divorce annually. Abuse, Infidelity, Financial Problems, and Lack of communication is some of the leading cause of divorce. Today counselors work with a wide variety of couples and family system, The challenge for counselors is deciding how to work with couple and family systems that may need pre­ martial counseling, martial therapy, divorce counseling, family theory, or individual counseling, Changes in marriage and family are some of the reasons for the increased attention given to marriage and family counseling and the demand for capable training in this field. Kinds of Service Marriage and family therapists apply principles, methods, and therapeutic techniques to individuals, family groups, couples or organization for the purpose of resolving emotional conflict. Modifying perceptions and behavior, enhancing communication, and unders...
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