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Rap Music and Freedom of Expression


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Unformatted text preview: in the Bronx. Back in the 60s, young DJs like Kool DJ Herc, DJ Lovebug Starski, and DJ Hollywood began making a name for themselves by pushing huge speakers down the blocks, mixing records at block parties, and playing with turntables. Lovebug would put the records on and move them with his hands to make weird sounds with the needle. ► Hip Hop Culture Hip Hop Culture ► Hip hop is the culture from which rap emerged. Initially it consisted of four main elements; graffiti art, break dancing, DJ (cuttin' and scratching) and emceeing (rapping). Hip hop is a lifestyle with its own language, style of dress, music and mind set that is continuously evolving. ► Nowadays because break dancing and graffiti aren't as prominent the words 'rap' and 'hip hop' have been used interchangeably. However it should be noted that all aspects of hip hop culture still exists. They've just evolved onto new levels. Pioneers of Hip­Hop Pioneers of Hip­Hop ► Afrika Bambaattaa ► Sugar Hill Gang ► GrandMaster Flash and the F...
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