BIOL1030-Lecture test3

A tunicate larvae have a notochord b tunicate larvae

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Unformatted text preview: poda C) Decapoda D) Copepoda E) Cirripeds 3 32. The swim bladder of ray ­finned fishes A) provides for regulation of buoyancy. B) was probably modified from simple lungs of chondrichthyans. C) first appeared in sharks. D) Is used for gas exchange E) Is the common feature in the group Agnatha 33. You find an amazing fish which lacks jaws, has eel ­shaped body plan with two lateral lines of slime glands, no vertebral column or osmotic system. What is it? A) hagfish B) lamprey C) bony fish D) tetrapod E) shark. 34. ___________ is the type of internal fertilization which refers to the process that the embryo develops within the uterus and is nourished by the egg yolk. A) Oviparity B) Ovoviviparity C) Viviparity D) Avoparity E) Avaparity 35. A brachiopod can be distinguished from a bivalve by the presence of A) a distinct head. D) a lophophore. B) a digestive system with separate mouth and anus. E) two hinged shells. C) suspension feeding. 36. Adult tunicates resemble invertebrate animals more than they resemble vertebrates. Why are they classified as chordates? A) Tunicate larvae have a notochord. B) Tunicate larvae have a nerve cord. C) Tunicate larvae have gill slits. D) Tunicate larvae have a tail. E) Tunicate larvae have all of the above characteristics. 37. The excretory organs of annelids are A) malpighian tubules. B) protonephridia. C) book gills. D) metanephridia. E) flame cells. 38. A clam is a(n) A) arthropod. B) mollusk. C) chordate. D) echinoderm. E) None of these. 39. Which of the following animals is not segmented? A) polychaetes B) oligochaetes C) hemichordates D) leeches E) All are segmented 40. The organism is slow moving in the sea water (sea above pic), which has soft body with 8 rows of cil...
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