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Which clade do you think it belongs to a rotifera b

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Unformatted text preview: and 5 E) All are true 6. Scientists found the very dehydrated organism within the dry alga specimen in the museum which has the following features: 1) segmented body with 8 legs 2) feet has 8 claws each 3) have a stylet in the mouth 4) successfully recovered and survive when moistened with water, even over a period of 120 years in a dehydrated state! Which clade do you think it belongs to? A) Rotifera B) Myriapoda C) Hexopoda D) Tardigrada E) Onychophora 7. Ecdysozoans A) have trochophore larva. B) include mollusks, annelids, and flatworms. C) have a special feeding structure. D) have a body cavity that forms from the digestive system. E) periodically shed their outer body covering. 8. Which of these groups is characterized by having no body cavity? A) roundworms B) annelids C) arthropods D) chordates E) cnidarians 1 9. Giant squids belong to which group? A) arthropods B) mollusks C) echinoderms 10. D) chordates E) platyhelminthes When you dive in the sea, you find a wired organism with gas ­filled float on the sea surface and long “tails” extending in sea water (sea the above pic). What do you think it is? A) a cnidarian belonging to class Hydrozoa B) a medusa belonging to class Scyphozoa C) a killer cnidarian belonging to class Cubozoa D) a polyp belonging to class Anthozoa E) a bleached coral belonging to class Staurozoa 11. Which of the following is NOT lophophorate? A) Ectoprocta B) Brachiopod C) Annelida D) Phoronida E) All are lophophorates 12. You are in charge of a team of systematists whose job it is to classify a newly discovered animal species. Your initial studies reveal that your specimen has tissues, organs, and a head, has...
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