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Which of the following statement about nautilus is

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Unformatted text preview: molting, pseudocoelom, 959 somatic cells of adult stage, and has bilateral symmetry. To what phylum does this animal belong? A) Tardigrada B) Cephalopoda C) Annelida D) Nematoida E) Platyhelminthes 13. Corals are most closely related to which group? A) roundworm B) sea anemones C) jellies D) sponges E) ctenophores 14. Which feature is NOT related to echinoderms? A) radial symmetry B) endoskeleton C) tube feet D) madreporite E) trochophore 15. Which group of mollusks doesn’t have radula? A) Gastropoda B) Polyplacophora C) Bivalvia D) Cephalopoda E) All have radula 16. Which of the following statement about nautilus is correct? A) Nautilus is the animal belonging Gastropoda with no shells and detorsion during development. B) It is an extinct group. C) It is an echinoderm. D) Nautilus belongs to the class Cephalopoda E) It has very soft body covered by 8 segmented shell. 17. Insects use _________ for excretion. A) pseudocoelom B) tracheal openings C) mandibulates D) Malpighian tubules E) hemolymph 18. Which clade has book lung as the organ for gas exchange? A) horseshoe crabs B) spiders C) pycnogonids D) C. elegans E) Cirripeds 19. A jointed exoskeleton is a characteristic of A) insects. B) annelids. C) mammals. D) A and B E) all of the above 2 20. The members of which clade in the phylum Cnidaria occur ONLY as polyps? A) Scyphozoa B) Anthozoa C) Cubozoa D) Hydrozoa E) Staurozoa 21. The water ­vascular system of echinoderms is used for A) locomotion. B) food capture. C) reproduction. D) A and B E) all of the above 22. Radula is a feeding organ of __________. A) echinurans B) mollusks C) brachiopods D) nemerteans E) loriciferans 23. Those organisms, for example spiders, in the subphylum Chelicerata has ______ as...
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