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16 an important example of interaction between fungi

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Unformatted text preview: sents the furthest advance of this mycelium through the soil. Locations A–D are all 0.5 meters below the soil surface. What is the most probable location of the oldest portion of this mycelium? 15. Sexual reproduction in the fungal life cycle includes which of the following sequences? A) haploid zygote that divides by meiosis to from haploid spores. B) diploid karyogamy undergoes meiosis to produce meiospores. C) haploid mitospore divide by meiosis to produce a diploid zygote that grows by mitosis to produce diploid mycelia. D) diploid mycelia fuse their cytoplasm to form plasmogamy. E) diploid meiospores divide by meiosis to form haploid gametes which join to form mycelia. 16. An important example of interaction between fungi and certain other organisms is mycorrhizae, in which the fungal partners _____. A) help plants take up nutrie...
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