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BIOL1030-Lecture test2-student

21 if a deer eats the bark all the way around a tree

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Unformatted text preview: nts and water D) control soil nematodes B) cause the decay of cellulose and lignin E) provide carbohydrates to the plant partner C) sicken herbivores that attempt to feed on plants 17. Increases in plant length occur from cell division A) equally throughout the plant body. D) from cell division of differentiated cells. B) in apical meristems at shoot/root tips. E) none of the above C) only from lateral meristems. 18. Which of the following root tissues gives rise to lateral roots? A) epidermis B) pericycle C) phloem D) endodermis E) cortex 19. Plants contain meristems whose major function is to A) attract pollinators B) photosynthesize C) produce more cells D) produce flowers E) absorb ions. 2 20. This is the cross ­section of eudicot stem, pith is indicated by the letter _____. 21. If a deer eats the bark all the way around a tree trunk (a process calle...
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